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Touch the roots (outing)
Who told you that Minsk is on its original place? And what sort of ramparts do overlook not far away from the modern metropolis beside a river with the speaking name Mienka? We're going to touch the secret which is inside of the impressive earth fortress most probably called Miensk a long time ago... Before this, by green country path, we'll reach a famous open air museum near Aziarco village. There you'll see the most interesting and distinctive examples of Belarusian traditional architecture. Authentic only! There are all gradations of natural wood and stone, all diversity of wooden constructions that could be made by the Belarusians including houses with farms, a tavern, a school, churches, mills etc. All these riches of culture are situated amid green carpets which cover the land since May annually. At the end, after all ups and downs of Minsk district, we'll make a cycling promenade along a border of the artificial lake of Pcič, looking for the best place at the beach or in a local cafe!...

Points: Belarusian state museum of folk architecture and rural lifestyle (1,5 hour cycling tour), memorial sign in honour of foundation of Voučkavičy borough, site of ancient settlement of X cent. near Mienka river, artificial lake of Pcič.

8 hours, 37 km.

for individual (private) tour, please, contact us

Price for the individual (private) tour in english, polish, french, russian, excluding bike hire:

  • for a group of 1-3 persons - 150 BYN
  • for a group of 4-8 persons - 175 BYN
  • for a group of 9-15 persons - 200 BYN

Price for the individual (private) tour in belarusian, excluding bike hire:
  • for a group of 1-3 persons - 100 BYN
  • for a group of 4-8 persons - 125 BYN
  • for a group of 9-15 persons - 150 BYN

Also, bicycle hire & delivery (if needed), museum entrance fee and museum guide service have to be paid additionally.

We provide 15% discounts for all of our tours (except an individual tour for 1-3 persons) for students (not depends on their citizenship), ID card is required.


We can arrange bicycle hire delivering it to the meeting point (contact us for details).
Please, note, for our tours you can use any bike you want.

Also, please, read our FAQ before joining the tours.

Minsk is on bike, buddy, don't miss the show!

Additional services: walking and car tours around Minsk and Belarus. Don't stop! Discover a new country!