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Count Czapski's Minsk is a trip around some places related to a great Minsker, count Karal Huten-Czapski (1860-1904). He originated from a nobel rich family of Huten-Czapskis with old german roots, studied in Petersburg and Germany, spoke polish, but he became a passionate of Minsk, devoting his life to the city at the post of city's governer. Thankful to him Minsk arised, being a deep province for a long time before. At the period of his governing electric lights apeared here as well as municipal transport, homeless shelters, charitable pawnshops, cycling tracks with bike rental in the city park; the urban water supply system became more perfect and they already created the project of the urban sewerage for Czapski's own money, while he was dreaming about the schools accessible for all the children... We could list Czapski's deals for a long time, not missing the fact he owned the oldiest Minsk brewery that survived, also we could talk a lot about nice places of Minsk related to the hero but... don't you think it's better to go for that trip once?

Points: Trajeckaje pradmiescie (Trinity suburb), Czapski's brewery, memorial house of the Ist Russian socialist democratic party's meetings, St. Roсh roman-catholic church, Governer's garden, "Boy with swan" fountain (1874), New town, Minsk Bishop's residence, the first Minsk theatre, the first city library, old Bernardine st. (a part of municipal horse-drawn tram's route) etc.

2,5 hours, 12 km.

for individual (private) tour, please, contact us

Price for the individual (private) tour in english, polish, french, russian, excluding bike hire:

  • for a group of 1-3 persons - 100 BYN
  • for a group of 4-8 persons - 110 BYN
  • for a group of 9-15 persons - 120 BYN

Price for the individual (private) tour in belarusian, excluding bike hire:
  • for a group of 1-3 persons - 70 BYN
  • for a group of 4-8 persons - 80 BYN
  • for a group of 9-15 persons - 90 BYN

We provide 15% discounts for all of our tours (except an individual tour for 1-3 persons) for students (not depends on their citizenship), ID card is required.


We can arrange bicycle hire delivering it to the meeting point (contact us for details).
Please, note, for our tours you can use any bike you want.

If you want to join us for the regular public tour that is in belarusian or russian, please, read more about it.
Also, please, read our FAQ before joining the tours.

Minsk is on bike, buddy, don't miss the show!

Additional services: walking and car tours around Minsk and Belarus. Don't stop! Discover a new country!