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Lošycki park's mysteries. These parkways and glades are hidden at the very edge of the city. This is a former estate of the Prušynskis noble family, then a residence of a rich count Liubanski, which was famous by its splendid balls (dances), the place of Jadviha Kienievič (count Liubanski's wife) mysterious death, the beloved walking ways of the Belarusian writer Vincent Dunin-Marcinkievič, well-known artist Józef Peszka's place of painting, KGB's headquarter for training saboteurs for sabotages in Eastern Poland, a place of Stalin's mass murders and a residence for nazi's headquarter meetings, the base for science botanic researches under ruling of the world-known soviet geneticist Nikolai Vavilov... There are so many stratums for this framed space, chronometers are going off-scale, you should be careful not to fail in the time, the time machine is going to break down. The shadows of the dead are trailing in parallel with those who are alive, wandering by the lost pathes, hiding in the depth of the park, flickering among the old trees... We are waiting for you, our brave cycling researches. We guarantee your coming back in XXI cent.

Points: old linden alley (XVIII cent.), centuries old oaks, exotic trees, geneticist Nikolai Vavilov's gardens, count Liubanski's homestead (XIX cent.), old water mills and brewery, World War II monument, Čorny jar ("The black ravine") - the place of Stalin's mass murders, the memorial to the activists of the anti-Nazi resistance, the Prušynskis' Crypt Chapel (XVIII cent.) etc.

2 hours, 9 km.

for individual (private) tour, please, contact us

Price for the individual (private) tour in english, polish, french, russian, excluding bike hire:

  • for a group of 1-3 persons - 100 BYN
  • for a group of 4-8 persons - 110 BYN
  • for a group of 9-15 persons - 120 BYN

Price for the individual (private) tour in belarusian, excluding bike hire:
  • for a group of 1-3 persons - 70 BYN
  • for a group of 4-8 persons - 80 BYN
  • for a group of 9-15 persons - 90 BYN

We provide 15% discounts for all of our tours (except an individual tour for 1-3 persons) for students (not depends on their citizenship), ID card is required.


We can arrange bicycle hire delivering it to the meeting point (contact us for details).
Please, note, for our tours you can use any bike you want.

If you want to join us for the regular public tour that is in belarusian or russian, please, read more about it.
Also, please, read our FAQ before joining the tours.

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