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Jewish Minsk
In XVI cent. Judaic praying was already sounded in Minsk. The Jewish community of Minsk was constantly developing during the next ages. It was living in peace with the locals. After the Edict about the Pale of Settlement (end of XVIII cent.) Minsk became one of the biggest Jewish sites in the Russian Empire. The number of synagogues rose up, local markets were full of talks on Yiddish. At the beginning of XX cent. Jews of Minsk founded many enterprises and factories here, the city became a centre of Jewish business. In the main Belarusian university founded by the soviet government (modern BSU), the majority of students were Jews. Exactly this university almost hired Albert Einstein to work here... Rakaŭskaje pradmiescie is the most famous Jewish district of Minsk that survived. It became a core of Jewish ghetto in WW II where a great number of Belarusian and Western European Jewish families were murdered by Nazis. Also, it was a centre of anti-nazis underground fight for the liberty and the life. Minsk still remembers that... After the war, it seemed like Eden could come back here, but Minsk became a place of one of the cruelest assassinations of a world-famous jew committed by Stalin... And what about modern time? Are there still any Hebrews? Jewish Minsk is a rich heritage that we're going to show you, let's go for the most "sidelocks" city tour!

Points: former choral synagogue (end of XIX cent.), Rakaŭskaje pradmiescie (old housing, synagogue of Zal'cman, Abram Čerčys' house, former heder, a house with mezuzah etc.), former Jewish ghetto area, old Jewish cemetery, the "Pit" memorial and other memorial signs devoted to Holocaust, former enterprises, shops of Jews etc...

2,5 hours, 13 km.

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Price for the individual (private) tour in english, polish, french, russian, excluding bike hire:

  • for a group of 1-3 persons - 100 BYN
  • for a group of 4-8 persons - 110 BYN
  • for a group of 9-15 persons - 120 BYN

Price for the individual (private) tour in belarusian, excluding bike hire:
  • for a group of 1-3 persons - 70 BYN
  • for a group of 4-8 persons - 80 BYN
  • for a group of 9-15 persons - 90 BYN

We provide 15% discounts for all of our tours (except an individual tour for 1-3 persons) for students (not depends on their citizenship), ID card is required.


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