sightseeing tour

  • Niamiha metro station

  • plošča Svabody

  • pl.Niezaliežnasci

  • pl.Kastryčnickaja

  • pl.Pieramohi

  • Trajeckaja hara

  • Niamiha m.st.

3 hours

during the tour there are many stops to view the sites; passages between them are not long, at a leisurely pace

12 km

as a rule, the route is mapped along cycle paths and sidewalks, without entering roadways

our public tours are in Belarusian or Russian

our public tours are in Belarusian or Russian; to know more about them, switch over to the appropriate version of the website

private tour in Belarusian:
140 / 180 / 220 BYN per
1-3 / 4-9 / 10-15 persons

the price for the private tour in Belarusian, excluding bike rental

private tour:
240 / 280 / 320 BYN per
1-3 / 4-9 / 10-15 persons

the price for the private tour in English, Polish, French, Russian, excluding bike rental

bike rental ≈ 15 BYN

exact bicycle hire charge depends on the tour duration and the delivery details; you can use any bike you want for our tours

This is a trip around the most beautiful, interesting and bright sites of Minsk ("Miensk" before). The most significant monuments, persons and legends of our city are on the way. The city of an eclectic mixture will meet you: here the spires of the old town are towering to the sky together with the modern office blocks, time-blackened wooden walls of old private houses are standing not far from Soviet time palaces, here Baroque's soft and warm lines are in contrast with unapproachable and pompous Stalin's Empire style. Mutilated in the past by wars and fires, our main city looks clear and nice today. Wide avenues and calm streets, giant squares and cosy yards, green parks and embankments will greet you and tell you what happened here over the last thousand years.

Sites: Miensk castle place, Island of Tears (memorial to the soldiers who died in Afghanistan war), Trajeckaje pradmiescie (Trinity suburb), Opera theatre (1934), Janka Kupala park and monument, memorial house of the Ist Russian socialist democratic party's meeting, Victory monument (1954), the first city theatre (XIX cent.), panorama of Kastryčnickaja plošča (October square), Michajlaŭski skvier with Uladzimir Žbanaŭ's sculptures, Red church (1910), Government house (1934), housing in Stalin’s Empire style on the main avenue, Vierchni horad (Upper town) with the City hall, churches and houses of XVII-XVIII cent. etc.


Please, read the informations before joining our tours

  • our tours are suitable for confident cyclists;
  • "Mienski vielašpacyr" tours (English: "Miensk bike tour") are not difficult, at medium speed, with many breaks on the way;
  • children under 14 can take part in the tours with their parents or close relatives only; in such a case that adults have to take responsibility for that children and testify it with their personal sign before the tour;
  • children from 14 through 17 inclusive can participate in the tours without their parents or close relatives, but with their written permission composed in the presence of our guide;
  • drunk, intoxicated, pregnant are not allowed to join the tours;
  • for regular public* tours: participants are supposed to be at meeting point 10 minutes before the tour;
  • our regular public tours run in Belarusian or Russian;

*public tour is an open tour accessible for everyone; as a rule, they say "public tour" when they want to differ it from an individual, private tour, booked by an individual or a private groupe

  • for the tours you can use any bike in good working condition;
  • we can arrange your bicycle hire; an exact bicycle hire charge depends on route's duration, meeting point, number of bikes you need - contact us for details);
  • please, note that when you rent a bicycle your ID card or some other equel document is requied;
  • for regular public tours: "Mienski vielašpacyr" does not guarantee that there will be free bikes to rent;
  • all participants of the tours of "Mienski velaspacyr" are obligated to know and to obey the following rules of safety cycling, composed on base of the Chapter 20 of the Rules of the road of the Republic of Belarus ("Traffic on cycles and mopeds"):
  • participants of our tours can ride at cycle tracks and pedestrian zone only, dismounting to cross the street when needed (it is allowed to cross a street without dismounting when the crossroad is marked with the appropriate sign);
  • as an exception, if there is no other way, after guide's permission only, it is allowed to cycle on the carriageway, riding in one line not further than 1 meter from its right edge;
  • during a tour all the participants have to ride in one line (as a column), not overtaking each other, with min. distance 3 m. between each other;
  • outside intersections on an unregulated crossing of the cycle path with a road, a cyclist is obliged to give way to vehicles travelling on the road;
  • when moving on the road at night-time and/or at insufficient visibility, a cyclist must have turned on: in front — headlight (headlamp) emitting white light, on the back — lamp emitting red light;
  • cyclists are prohibited to use technically defective cycles; all the participants of our tours are responsible for the technical condition of their bikes personally; a bicycle rental office is also responsible for the bicycles it gives for rent;
  • cyclists are prohibited to ride without holding the handlebars and/or holding foots on pedals (steps);
  • cyclists are prohibited to carry passengers, except of cases of carriage on the cycle of children under the age of seven in additionally equipped seat or when the carriage of passengers is provided by the bicycle construction;
  • cyclists are prohibited to carry load which projects more than 0,5 meters in their length or width out of dimensions of the vehicle, and also load interfering with driving of such vehicle;
  • towing of a cycle and by a cycle is prohibited;
  • it's not necessary to use a helmet when cycling; anyway, the participants are responsible for their decision about using or not using helmets during the tours;
  • a participant of a tour who causes an accident is liable for it (all the cases should be approached individually);
  • before a tour all the participants have to sign personally that they got acquainted with the rules and they are ready to obey them;
  • our tours run rain or sunshine, which can't be a reason to cancel the tour and refund money to the client (see "Money refund";
  • "Mienski vielašpacyr" has a right to take a decision if the weather is appropriate for making a tour or not;
  • if it is rain, we have raincoats for your use for free;
  • in case of extraordinary events (as well as adverse weather) we hold the right to cancel or change the time of a tour, make it shorter ,with refunding, refunding partly or not refunding money to the clients (see "Money refund");
  • the prices for individual (private) and regular public tours are on the pages of the tours (choose one of our tours);
  • we provide 15% discount for all of our tours (except an individual tour for 1-3 persons) for students (not depends on their citizenship), for pensioners and art workers (citizens of the Republic of Belarus), ID card is required;
  • our tours are always free for the combatants of the battle near Orsza in 1514, and for the insurgents of the national Belarusian uprising in 1863;
  • before paying for a tour in advance, please, contact us or book the tour;
  • you can pay for a tour in advance (not later than 24 hours before the tour starts) by:
  • - a bank card:
    after you contact us or book the tour, we will customize the tour for you and send you a link for the payment
    (secure server WEBPAY set an encrypted connection via the TLS protocol and accept client's bank card data in confidence (card's number, holder's name, expiration date, check number CVC/CVC2);
    after the payment by the bank card, on the email that you input in the process of the payment you will receive a credit card charge form (the confirmation of the payment) which has to be shown to our guide before the tour (also, the bank card charge form will be the confirmation of bank transactions effected in case of a dispute);
  • - a transfer of a necessary amount to our account for Belarusian Roubles (BYN) # BY87 BLNB 3013 0000 0724 5300 0933, BIC (bank ID-code): BLNB BY2X; Open Joint Stock Company “Belarusky narodny bank”, code 765; for private businessman R.M. Abramchuk, UNP (taxpayer ID number) # 192 201 977;
  • it is possible to pay for a tour before it starts at the meeting point to our tour guide (cash only), but, in such a case, we don't guarantee the availability of our guide on the date of your booked private tour or a place in a group of a public tour;
  • if a participant pass a group during a tour no money is refund;
  • if you pay in advance, but arrive late for the tour and can’t find your group, no money is refund;
  • if you pay for a tour in advance but you can't take part in it, please, inform us about your absence not later than 24 hrs. before the tour. In such a case, you’ll get a full refund or will be able to join the next tour for the same price;
  • if you pay for a tour in advance but you can't take part in it, and if you inform us about your absence not later than 30 min. before a tour, you’ll get a 50% refund or you’ll be able to join the next tour for the same price;
  • if you pay for a tour in advance, but you can't take part in it, and you inform us less than 30 min. before the tour or you do not inform us at all, no money is refund;
  • if because of extraordinary events or adverse weather, that become obvious less than 24 hrs. before a tour, the tour-guide cancels the tour or change its start time, or make it shorter for more than a half (as for route), we would refund a half of the money you've payed for the tour or suggest you to join the next tour for the same price;
  • if because of extraordinary events or adverse weather, that become obvious more than 24 hrs. before a tour, we cancel the tour or change its start time, we could refund all the money you payed or propose you to participate in the next tour with the same price;
  • if because of extraordinary events or adverse weather the tour guide makes a tour shorter (as for route), but the most part of it is already realized, no money would be refund;
  • max. number of the participants in a group is 15 persons, so, as for a public tour it is better to pay in advance to be sure about your place in a group (see "How to pay");
  • min. number of the participants in a group is 1 person;
  • public tours, which are in Belarusian and Russian, run regularly since May untill September inclusive (and even besides that, if the weather is appropriate) according to the schedule that could be found on Belarusian or Russian version of the website, on our social media groups or by contacting us;
  • duration of our city tours is approx. 2-3 hours (depending on the route);
  • start time and duration of an individual (private) tour should be discussed and arranged with a private tourist;
  • for individual (private) tours a meeting point has to be arranged with a private tourist (contact us for details);
  • the Niamiha metro station exit on the side of the Sports Palace (see map)is the most common meeting point for our city tours (except of some specific routes, e.g. "Mysteries of the Lošycki park");
  • usually, the distance of our city tours is not more than 15 km., groupes stop for breaks regularly;
  • you can book an individual (private) tour in Belarusian, Russian, English, Polish, French;
  • regular public sightseeing "Minsk.Best" tour is in Russian;
  • as a rule, all the rest of our regular public tours are in Belarusian;
  • if extraordinary events (revolution/ insects attack/ meteorites falling/ adverse weather / war with Russia etc.) threaten the lives or health of the participants of a tour, the tour-guide will hold a right to cancel or change the start time of a tour, to make it shorter, refunding, refunding partly or not refunding money to tourists (see "Money refund");
  • if because of extraordinary events or adverse weather "Mienski vielašpacyr" cancels a public tour or changes its start time, you could find the information about it on Belarusian or Russianversion of the website, on Facebook and Vkontakte or by contacting us;

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